Top car repairs best left for a Quality car mechanic

Unless car maintenance is a hobby or interest of yours, it’s not a pragmatic skill to have. It used to be a necessity back in the old days, a huge economic benefit a couple decades ago, but now nearly obsolete today. It simply requires an absurd amount of time and dedication to learn enough about cars to not screw something up. On top of that, you’ll need the tools and skills to pull of the job, and lots of experience if you intend on doing it with any sort of efficiency.

Is the amount of time I’m going to spend doing it myself worth the money I’ll save?

Even if you have the knowledge to perform a variety of car repairs and maintenance tasks, that doesn’t necessarily mean that doing it yourself will always mean you save money, and certainly not time. Sometimes, taking your car to a professional mechanic to have the job turned around in a matter of hours can be worth every cent, especially if taking the DIY route is going to cause you a major inconvenience or require you to take too much time off work to accomplish. 


ECU fixes and tuning

A good rule of thumb is to always leave automotive computer repairs alone. Unless you are a certified ASE master technician, there’s no reason for you to be fooling with air/fuel ratios, shift points, and redline limiters. Let an experienced tuner take over and fix whatever issues or fine tuning needs might be required.

Fuel system fixes

car fuel system repairs hervey bay

Here’s a great way to blow up your car and get third-degree burns in the process. Fuel systems have the capacity to cause headaches, garage fires, and even unconsciousness. Our recommendation is to play it safe and leave anything having to do with replacing a fuel pump, tank, injectors, rails, or pressurised lines to the pros.

Transmission repairs & replacements

transmission repairs hervey bay

Have you ever looked inside the bell housing of a car’s transmission? It’s a twisted maze of gears, tensioners, bearings, and rods, all of which have to fit right back where they belong in order to work. Think swapping a transmission is the way to go instead of rebuilding one? Good luck getting all those sensors out of the way without breaking a few crusty clips and smashing a finger or two. Even automatic gearboxes on a small four-cylinder weigh a lot, so we’re almost always certain that DIY is never a great option for time, money or practicality.

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