The Importance Of Car Maintenance across Hervey Bay

Too often, even here in the Bay people are involved in accidents due to faulty brake system, poor tyre treads, and worn out drive belts, to name a few. This results it injury, trauma, stress and casualties. Basic car maintenance, while it doesn’t prevent accidents directly, can help improve your safety and that of others whenever you take to the road.

Improved Resale Value

A well-maintained car is often a simple way to demand higher value in the used car market than a vehicle that has been obviously neglected.

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Furthermore potential car buyers are now more meticulous about their choices to make sure they aren’t buying your problem vehicle. With the growth of online markets like and Gumtree it is easy to compare and have access to a lot of cars the same as your own. You need to stand out! Being able to provide maintenance and regular servicing will give the buyer peace of mind that you were a responsible owner.

Easily Reduce Roadside Emergencies & Dangers

We’re pretty sure some of us, if not all, have already experienced having a flat tire or some roadside car issue. Whilst it may be embarrassing, it’s often preventable and usually a build up of an ignored issue.

We then pull over and make quick fixes, that’s if, it can be fixed immediately at all. In many cases most people are left with no choice but to call for roadside assistance, someone to jump start our car, or even a towing service.

We can often save you alot when it comes to your overall running cost of your vehicles in Hervey Bay, QLD with regular servicing.

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