Timing belts replacement Hervey Bay

Here at Ultra Tune Urangan we provide you with a local, fully qualified mechanic equipped for fast and efficient timing belt replacement and timing belt kit replacement. All of our vehicle repairs and service work is covered by a 6 month/10,000km nationwide warranty so you can rest easy no matter where you are in the country. Timing belts should be replaced regularly and the schedule will be recommended by the manufacturer.

If you’re timing belt is not due to be replaced but you’re experiencing any of the following, then you may need to have a mechanic look at it straight away.

Timing belt oil seals leaking ?

Worn edges or ribs on the belt?

Noisy timing belt or tensioner ?

Guides worn or engine noise?

Don’t waste time worrying about a broken timing belt. We will keep your timing belt on track.

A properly functioning timing belt does just that, keeps time. A damaged timing belt puts the synchronisation of the engine at risk, which could lead to piston damage and worse.

Diagnosis of a timing belt problem requires inspection of the belt, which is usually protected by a cover under the hood bonnet of your car. The most obvious signs of a problem are damage such as cracking, elongation, the edges wearing down or the teeth stripping. 

Regular servicing and checks to the timing belt will ensure problems are detected before disaster occurs and the timing belt breaks completely. This would cause severe damage to your car.

timing belt replacement hervey bay


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Clutch Repairs across Hervey Bay

Here at UltraTune Urangan we will provide you the best clutch repair services in Hervey Bay at an affordable price. You will get highly experienced and knowledgeable clutch mechanics working on your vehicle.

Ask our team advice on your vehicle’s clutch problems to get an accurate diagnosis and advice about how to repair the problem.

All Ultra Tune’s clutch repairs and services are comprehensive and we guarantee the quality of all our work. We have a unique quality assurance process to ensure all clutch repair services are comprehensive to ensure nothing is missed.

Ultra Tune Urangan offer a range of clutch repair services including clutch replacement, flywheel machining and performance clutch upgrades. We use the highest quality clutch kits to make sure your clutch is performing at its optimal level.

Know Your Clutch Repair is Done Right the First Time

Failing clutch systems can cause poor fuel economy and wear on other drive train components.

Need to get your Timing Belt checked or Clutch Replaced?

At Ultra Tune Urangan we can give you a peace of mind with your timing belt or clutch replaced.

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