Live in Urangan? Benefits of using a local mechanic in Hervey Bay

Car owners might not love dealer service departments, but independent mechanics do. Why? Because dealers’ stiff rates and by-the-book approach can drive customers straight to a local independent specialist aka Ultra-Tune Urangan.

The Warranty Misconception

Car owners who may have heard that their warranty can get eroded if they do not use a dealer to service their car. However, under Australian law, you are under no obligation to have your car serviced at a dealership. So long as you take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic of your choice you will still be able to maintain your warranty. 

You can save hundreds of dollars – and in some cases thousands – if you organize your servicing outside the authorized dealer network. And your warranty absolutely will survive if you play by three simple rules.

Hervey Bay Mechanic - Urangan

We’re Hervey Bay locals: King Street Urangan

One of the many benefits of using a local mechanic is that we’re close by, we’re part of your community, and for us thats Urangan. UT Urangan has been here in this location for over 20 years. Dyan & David have been proud owners for the past few years and have brought the business forward, offering a greater level of customer service and satisfaction.

We take the time to understand your concerns, access your vehicles problems and offer you 100% transparent solutions. At every step of the way you understand costs, reasonings and offer you the information to make the informed decisions.

If you’re looking for professional Mechanics, that offer the best repair maintenance and repairs, with old fashioned customer service, give us a call today on 07 4124 9308 or drop into 71 Kent street, Urangan QLD