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Are you looking for a trusted car mechanic in hervey bay? Look no more you’ve found Ultratune Urangan. We’re experienced, honest and upfront with every customer. That means everything when looking for a new mechanic and we’re here to help you stay on the road for less whilst being as safe as possible.

Whether you need a log book service or your car repaired we are here to help you. We have more about log book servicing here, plus we do full mechanical from car air conditioning, to full engine rebuilds, brakes, suspension and more.

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Our team-Diane, David, Jim & Ryan look forward to looking after your motoring needs The mechanical know how of our team is well over 70 years combined experience. We are all dedicated to providing high-quality service & repairs to keep you safe and your vehicle in tip top condition.

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Some Common Signs Your Car May Need A Check Up

When your car sends warning signs that something’s not right, it’s vital that these signs are not ignored. An early fix is the smart & cheaper approach, as is regular maintenance to help prevent these problems from developing in the first place.

Here are some of the more common signs your vehicle may need attention, and failure to address it may lead to much bigger issues.

1.  Is it harder to start your car?

If your car has trouble starting, it can point to a number of issues (a weak battery or fuel pump, for example), but it can also be an ignition problem that a simple tune-up would fix. The best way to know for sure is to have it diagnosed by a trusted local mechanic. Whatever the case, don’t ignore this symptom.

2. Noisy / squeaky brakes

Good brakes are vital, but being out of sight, they can also be out of mind. Always keep your ears open for unusual sounds when braking.

brake pads hervey bay

A grinding noise on braking is usually caused by a lack of brake pad material; the pads and rotors are now metal to metal, with no braking material left. Brake pads are like bars of soap. Eventually they get used up, and you have to replace them and spend a little money.

3.  Knocking sounds or rough idling/acceleration

If your car knocks while accelerating or when climbing hills, it’s typically a sign of some engine inefficiency. Also, if the car seems to idle roughly or accelerate roughly, it may be that one or more spark plugs are failing to ignite. A tune-up may solve this problem, or it can sometimes point to some other needed repair. If you are worried or concerned you are more than welcome to give us a call on 07 4124 9308 or drop into us at 71 Kent street, Urangan and we’ll take a look and advise you of your options.

The Importance Of Car Maintenance across Hervey Bay

Too often, even here in the Bay people are involved in accidents due to faulty brake system, poor tyre treads, and worn out drive belts, to name a few. This results it injury, trauma, stress and casualties. Basic car maintenance, while it doesn’t prevent accidents directly, can help improve your safety and that of others whenever you take to the road.

Improved Resale Value

A well-maintained car is often a simple way to demand higher value in the used car market than a vehicle that has been obviously neglected.

car mechanic hervey bay

Furthermore potential car buyers are now more meticulous about their choices to make sure they aren’t buying your problem vehicle. With the growth of online markets like Carsales.com.au and Gumtree it is easy to compare and have access to a lot of cars the same as your own. You need to stand out! Being able to provide maintenance and regular servicing will give the buyer peace of mind that you were a responsible owner.

Easily Reduce Roadside Emergencies & Dangers

We’re pretty sure some of us, if not all, have already experienced having a flat tire or some roadside car issue. Whilst it may be embarrassing, it’s often preventable and usually a build up of an ignored issue.

We then pull over and make quick fixes, that’s if, it can be fixed immediately at all. In many cases most people are left with no choice but to call for roadside assistance, someone to jump start our car, or even a towing service.

We can often save you alot when it comes to your overall running cost of your vehicles in Hervey Bay, QLD with regular servicing.

Contact us to book your car in

We’d love to chat with you about your vehicle, and how we can help you save on your overall running cost. Feel free to pop in see us at 71 kent street, Urangan or give us a call on 07 4124 9308.

COVID 19 Update & Ultra Tune Urangan

The impact on our way of life with Corona Virus / Covid19 has been swift and significant. We firstly want to wish everyone a safe transition through this period as we navigate together and come out the other side stronger.

We want you to know we are operating as normal as an essential business here in Hervey Bay. We’re doing everything we can to protect our staff, customers and ensuring a safe operating work environment.

Throughout this time we are adhering to ALL of the Australian Government guidelines including social safe distancing, hand sanitising and open air garages.

If you have any questions specificially for us you can call the office on 07 4124 9308. If you would like more updates on the COVID19 Corona Virus you can visit the Australian Govnerment at australia.gov.au.